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It’s been two years since Bryce Harper played for the Washington Nationals, but he clearly misses some of his former teammates.

Harper is entering his third year with the Philadelphia Phillies, who haven’t made the playoffs since 2011. Harper is doing his part, though. The 28-year-old has combined for 48 homers over the last two seasons.

Team-wise, it’s been tough sledding for Harper. The season he began his tenure with the Phillies is the same season the Nationals won the World Series.

Harper clearly missed his former Nationals teammates. He admitted this week Juan Soto and Trea Turner are his two favorite MLB players to watch as of late.

“Definitely Juan Soto,” Harper said this week, via “One of the best swings in the game and a lot of fun to watch. My other favorite player is another guy I played with, Trea Turner. Both dynamic players and a lot of fun to watch.”

Take a look.

Old buddy

— Nathan Bash (@Natitdude) February 3, 2021

That’s a tough watch. Maybe we’re just speculating here, but he certainly doesn’t look too happy.

It’s hard to believe Harper’s already spent two seasons playing for the Phillies. Philly doesn’t have much to show for it, either. The Phillies finished 28-32 in the shortened 2020 season. A year prior they went 81-81.

If the Phillies can’t manage to win more games this year, Harper’s patience will grown thin (as if it isn’t already). The 28-year-old clearly misses D.C.

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