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After Friday’s win against the Pittsburgh Pirates at BayCare Ballpark in Clearwater, manager Joe Girardi announced that Adam Haseley will be out four weeks with a moderate left groin strain.

Adam Haseley’s injury will most likely mean he’ll miss Opening Day. (Cheryl Pursell)
He suffered the injury taking off for second Wholesale Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys on a 3-2 pitch to Rhys Hoskins in the fourth inning of Thursday’s game against the New York Yankees. Catcher Rafael Marchan and outfielder Jhailyn Ortiz both are out after tweaking a hamstring. The timetable for both hamstring injuries is around 24 days.

Haseley came into camp hoping to win the starting job in center field, but the injury will most likely keep him out beyond Opening Day.

“He’s really disappointed and he worked really hard this winter,” Girardi said on Friday. “He was playing really well, and was moving extremely well and it’s disheartening for him and frustrating. But I told him ‘Look, we love the way you were playing. Make sure that you’re healthy. … Because if you do it again, it’s going to be worse than the first time and then you’re going to be out even longer.’ He’s got to get over the emotional part of it because he was ready to go.”

Scott Kingery, Roman Quinn and Mickey Moniak are all currently on the 40-man roster and have a chance at winning the starting job in center. It’s important to keep in mind that Girardi could prefer a platoon at the position, especially if all three of Kingery, Quinn and Moniak equally impress the Phillies skipper throughout spring. Travis Jankowski and Odùbel Herrera are non-roster invitees who will get a look.

Injuries to both Haseley and Marchan create an unwelcoming roster conundrum for the front office. The Phillies will most likely look to give at least one 40-man roster spot to a non-roster bullpen arm. If, for example, David Hale does not make the team, he’s an obvious candidate to be designated for assignment. They will need an additional roster spot to open up through a DFA or trade if they want to add more than one non-roster player to the 40-man. Beyond Hale, there are not many obvious candidates to let go of. The team will have to give up on a young player or make a trade to create the roster space they need.

They may also need to make room for an additional catcher, most likely Jeff Mathis and his $1.8 million salary, if both Marchan and J.T. Realmuto are not healthy enough to be ready on Opening Day.

A 24-day timetable for Marchan takes the Phillies to March 29. According to Todd Zolecki of, non-roster relievers Brandon Kintzler, Tony Watson and Héctor Rondon all have an opt-out clause that can be exercised on March 24. The Phillies would have 48 hours to either add them onto the roster or release them. They could lose out on adding a non-roster bullpen arm if it’s clear that they need to add Mathis to the 40-man roster. The hope is that Realmuto will be ready to go for Opening Day, but nothing is certain.

As far as outfielders go, they can live with what they currently have on the 40-man roster. Non-roster outfielder Matt Joyce, per Matt Gelb of The Athletic, does not have an opt out, but he could still force his way onto the team with stellar play in the Grapefruit League. If not, an injury to Haseley could mean an extra bench spot for one of either C.J. Chatham, Nick Maton or Moniak if he doesn’t win the starting job.

In good Phillies injury news, Realmuto’s cast has been removed and replaced with a splint. He’s not hitting or throwing, but he was able to participate in a drill that simulates the motion of throwing without the ball in his hand.

“He is on track for us. This was a good sign and we’ll just have to see how the rehab continues to go,” Girardi said.

Update 1:38 – A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Adam Haseley injured his left groin heading to first following ball four on a 3-2 pitch. He was injured after taking off for second on a 3-2 pitch to the next batter, Rhys Hoskins

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Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” got a ton of hype over the past several weeks. (I watched it. It’s good. It’s better than the original, but it’s still no Avengers.) The superhero talk got me wondering about any superpowers Phillies players might love to add to their game. It could be anything, but the caveat was that it Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys China had to be a talent, skill or pitch belonging to one of their teammates.

Here is what they told me this month while I was in Clearwater, Fla.

Andrew McCutchen

“[Bryce] Harper’s arm, for sure. To watch him just throw a ball, it seems like he’s going to throw it out of the stadium, and somehow it’s the most accurate and hard throw that I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty impressive. Like, he hasn’t made too many — at least from my perspective — bad throws when he’s actually trying to throw someone out. He’s been flat-footed and just let some stuff eat and I’m like, ‘Oh, no.’ And I’m kind of like doing this [squints] as he’s throwing it. And it’s on the money almost every time. So, it’s not only the arm that’s good. It’s the accuracy behind it, too. Because, you know, he throws like he swings. It’s just hard. So, yeah, that’d be neat. Just to be able to throw a ball 100 miles an hour from the outfield. That’d be pretty cool.

“I remember, I threw somebody out a couple years ago from left. Mark Reynolds. He isn’t the fastest runner. But I threw him out. And I was like, ‘Man, that was a good throw.’ And I felt good about it. And I came in, I was like, ‘Hey, what’d Statcast say? How hard did I throw that?’ They’re like, ‘89.’ I was like, ‘89?! That’s it?!’ They’re like, ‘Yeah.’ ‘No, that’s off, that’s not right.’ OK, you know what? I’ll remember to never ask again.”

Spencer Howard

“[José] Alvarado’s two-seamer and/or velocity. It’s like 12 1/2 inches of horizontal movement and I don’t know if I have anything that does that. No, I definitely don’t have anything that does that. That would be a nice weapon to add to the repertoire.”

Rhys Hoskins

“I’ll take [Roman] Quinn’s speed. Speed never slumps. That’s what they say. It’s fun to watch.”

Quinn’s speed beats strong throw
Aug 15, 2020 · 0:54
Quinn’s speed beats strong throw
Zack Wheeler

“My curveball is decent, but I like [Aaron] Nola’s, just how consistent it is. A consistent curveball? There’s nothing better. Especially a slower one like he’s kind of got. He can just pop it in there, or he can back-door lefties. He’s got really good command of it. I kind of just throw it and hope for the best, but he can throw it down, up, side to side. That’s probably the pitch I’d take. Or maybe somebody’s changeup. Mine stinks.”

Aaron Nola strikes out three
Mar 12, 2021 · 0:54
Aaron Nola strikes out three
Andrew Knapp

“Probably Roman Quinn’s speed. It has to be. That’s a no-brainer. I mean, I feel like I’d get a lot of infield hits.”

Brandon Kintzler

“I’d take [Sam] Coonrod’s slider. I don’t need anybody else’s changeup or sinker. If I had his slider … it’s as fast as my fastball, though. It comes out hard, late and small. It’s not a huge slider. You want it small. A small and late slider.”

J.T. Realmuto

“Bryce’s eye. He’s got a great eye at the plate. When he’s going right, he’s already such a good hitter, but I think part of the thing that makes him such a good hitter is he doesn’t chase a lot. Like, I’m a guy who, when I get in the box, I think I can hit everything. Like, if the guy throws it anywhere around the plate, I feel like I can hit it and, like, it’s not true. It gets me in trouble a lot. But he’s got a very specific zone that he swings in and he doesn’t really expand. Obviously, everybody expands some, but he expands way less than most of us.”

Héctor Neris

“I’d take Nola’s sinker. He’s a ground-ball pitcher. He pitches to contact. He gets a lot of ground balls. Sometimes, especially in my situation, I know I need a lot of swings and misses, but when you’re in a situation and the game is on the line and there’s a man on first and second with no outs, sometimes you want a strikeout, but sometimes you want to throw one pitch and get a double play. And then maybe you get a fly ball on the next pitch and you save pitches for the next day. You don’t have to strike out the three guys. It’s a good pitch to have in that situation.”

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One day after tweaking an oblique muscle in his right side and pulling himself from the lineup, Phillies utilityman Brad Miller said he isn’t overly concerned about being ready for opening day.


Miller underwent an MRI exam Sunday that likely will provide a more thorough diagnosis. For now, Miller is hopeful that Philadelphia Phillies Jerseys China sitting out for a few days and receiving treatment will be the cure for an issue that has bothered him intermittently throughout spring training.

“I just know I need some treatment, some TLC, some rest,” Miller said. “Hopefully it’s nothing too serious. I’m sure in the next couple days we’ll start to talk about the progression [to playing again] and all that.”

Miller was scheduled to play Saturday in Clearwater, Fla., but the discomfort near his rib cage “picked up a little bit.” He’s projected to be the Phillies’ top left-handed bench bat, so the team isn’t about to risk having him play through an injury in spring training.

“It wasn’t anything crazy, but it started [to flare up] when I was kind of moving around [in warmups],” Miller said. “I was like, ‘All right, that’s a little different than before, so let’s pump the brakes a little bit.’ ”

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Two years ago, Miller hit 12 home runs and had a .941 OPS in 130 at-bats for the Phillies. He hit seven homers with an .807 OPS in 142 at-bats for the St. Louis Cardinals last year before signing a one-year, $3.5 million contract with the Phillies last month.


If Miller isn’t ready for opening day, it could create an opportunity for lefty-hitting infielder Nick Maton, who is 6-for-20 (.300) with one homer and seven RBIs in spring training. Infielder C.J. Chatham, a right-handed hitter, is also vying for a bench spot.

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Lefty-hitting outfielder Matt Joyce continued his push for a roster spot by delivering two RBI singles Sunday in the Phillies’ 6-5 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton, Fla. Joyce, who came to camp as a non-roster invitee on a minor-league contract, is 7-for-13 with a homer and four RBIs.

Phillies center field candidate Odúbel Herrera high-fives catcher Andrew Knapp after scoring a run in the first inning of Sunday’s 6-5 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton, Fla.
Phillies center field candidate Odúbel Herrera high-fives catcher Andrew Knapp after scoring a run in the first inning of Sunday’s 6-5 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton, Fla.Gene J. Puskar / AP
‘Good day’ for Herrera
Odúbel Herrera bunted for a hit in the first inning Sunday and homered off Pirates lefty Steven Brault in the third. But manager Joe Girardi stopped short of declaring him the front-runner in the center-field competition with Scott Kingery, Roman Quinn, and Mickey Moniak.

“He had another good day,” Girardi said. “We’re just going to have to let it play out for another two weeks.”


Herrera is 6-for-20 (.300) with two homers this spring. After Kingery (3-for-22, 10 strikeouts) led off the game by whiffing on four pitches, Herrera dropped a bunt and used his speed to beat out an infield single. He later scored in a two-run first inning.

“It’s got to be part of his game,” Girardi said. “We work on these guys all the time with bunting, and he tried it out right away and he had success. That’s always easier to sell when you have success and you do it.”