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J.T. Realmuto has delivered All-Star caliber production in two seasons with the Philadelphia Phillies, and yet, the franchise hasn’t been able to post a winning record, let alone snap a lengthy postseason drought.

Certainly, the Phillies would be a worse team in 2021 if they don’t bring back Realmuto. But what are the Phillies if they re-sign Realmuto, while cutting costs elsewhere on the rest of the roster in a division with four other legitimate postseason contenders?

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The Atlanta Braves have won three consecutive National League East titles, and as long as they have Ronald Acuña Jr. and Ozzie Albies signed to team-friendly deals, they probably aren’t going anywhere.

The New York Mets have long been one of the sport’s laughingstocks, but you do get the sense that new owner Steve Cohen may change the culture in Queens. Noah Syndergaard and Marcus Stroman will rejoin a rotation that already included two-time National League Cy Young Award winner Jacob deGrom. Carlos Carrasco will come to New York now as part of the deal that landed the team superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor Thursday. Lindor will be added into a lineup with Michael Conforto, Jeff McNeil and Dom Smith, among others. And hey, quietly, Edwin Díaz was quietly excellent in his second season with the Mets after a disastrous first campaign. Something always seems to go wrong with the Mets, but they really feel like a playoff-caliber roster, perhaps one that will compete for the division title over the next few seasons.

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The Washington Nationals find themselves at something of a crossroads, but still employ Juan Soto and Trea Turner. They’re also just a couple seasons removed from winning a World Series, of course.

The Miami Marlins, once the doormats of the National League East, appeared to see the tide turn in 2020. Not only did the Marlins sneak into the playoffs with an expanded field this past season, but they won a series over the Chicago Cubs. Former Phillies top prospect Sixto Sánchez highlights a bounty of young pitchers that the Marlins have in their organization. You’ve already seen Sandy Alcantara and Pablo Lopez at the major league level, and Edward Cabrera and Max Meyer are among those on the way. The Marlins will always be at a financial disadvantage in the National League East, but the incredible job they’ve done developing homegrown pitching should keep them in contention over the next half decade.

And then there’s the Phillies.

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There’s a lot to like about the top half of the Phillies roster. Bryce Harper, Alec Bohm, Rhys Hoskins, Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler are players that any team would covet. The Phillies have spoken highly of Zach Eflin – who had something of a breakout campaign in 2020 – this winter. This isn’t a situation like 2014 where there’s absolutely nothing to be excited about with the franchise.

At last, the stove is heating up.

It took 69 days, but the Phillies finally hired a new head of baseball operations last week. Dave Dombrowski isn’t any executive, either. He’s the only general manager to build World Series teams in three cities.

“Everywhere he goes, he’s there to compete and win,” agent Scott Boras said. “And he has done so.”

Dombrowski insists the Phillies require “a retool, not a rebuild.” But his offseason to-do list is lengthy, and not just because he’s starting late. If the Phillies are going to end a nine-year playoff drought, they need almost an entirely new bullpen and perhaps a new catcher and shortstop, too.

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“There won’t be a lot of sleep involved the next couple of weeks,” Dombrowski said. “I’ve already received, I bet you, from at least half the general managers in Major League Baseball, ‘Welcome back. Congratulations. Let’s talk.’ ”

Yes, let’s.

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Phillies pitcher Zach Eflin had a 3.65 ERA, 41 strikeouts and six walks in 37 innings over his final six starts last season.Read moreYONG KIM / Staff Photographer
Phillies counting on big things from Zach Eflin
Not long after Dombrowski rolled up his sleeves, charged up his phone and got to work, he identified what he believes to be an area of strength on the Phillies roster.

“When you talk about Nola, Wheeler and Eflin,” he said, “that’s a good place to start.”

But the Phillies employed all six players mentioned above in 2020 and went 28-32. They also had Didi Gregorius, and mum has been the word on a potential reunion with a player that homered 10 times and drove in 40 runs this past season. A historically-bad bullpen is almost certainly due for positive regression, especially if a young arm like Connor Brogdon emerges as reliable option in high-leverage situations. But will the Phillies have a bullpen on par with the Braves or Mets in 2021? Probably not. Unless they’re confident that one of Adam Haseley, Roman Quinn or Mickey Moniak will emerge as a starting-caliber option next year, the Phillies also don’t have an internal answer in center field.

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So what are the Phillies if they re-sign Realmuto but don’t make one or two other major moves this offseason? Probably a .500 team, give or take a few games. Teams that are retooling – hinting they are a year or two away – aren’t typically ones that sign catchers entering their age-30 season to five or six-season deals.

The Phillies unquestionably will be a worse team with anyone other than Realmuto as their starting catcher in 2021, especially with ESPN‘s Jeff Passan noting earlier this offseason that the Phillies probably won’t reinvest the money that would be spent on Realmuto on anyone else this winter if he departs.

But new president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski didn’t trade for Realmuto. Sure, as he’s stated on multiple occasions, Dombrowski would love to retain the All-Star catcher. However, if in his early evaluations of the organization he’s determined that the team is probably more likely to be ready to be a force in 2023, should he re-sign Realmuto, who will be a catcher entering his age-32 season at that point? That’s a fair discussion to have.

Even if Lindor re-signs with the Mets and Corey Seager does the same with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Javier Báez, Trevor Story and Carlos Correa are star shortstops that could become free agents next offseason. All three are younger than Realmuto, and play a position that takes less of a toll on you than catching does. Maybe it would be wiser for the Phillies to save the money they could spend on Realmuto this offseason – knowing they may not contend with him while he’s still at his peak – and consider signing one of the major shortstops next offseason.

Couldn’t the Phillies re-sign Realmuto and pursue one of the major shortstops next offseason? Yes, in theory, they could. But there is a reality that owners around the sport are hesitant to spend right now, to the point where it feels pretty unlikely that the Phillies re-sign both Realmuto and Gregorius this winter. If the Phillies are potentially unwilling to spend a combined $170 million (just an estimate) on Realmuto and Gregorius this offseason, does it seem likely they’ll re-sign Realmuto for $125ish million now and then spend $150 million plus on one of the shortstops next offseason? From here, the answer is no.

In many ways, the Realmuto situation is symptomatic of much larger organizational problems. If you’re spending as much as the Phillies are on high-priced veterans, you should have a really good team. The problem is, despite the stated goal of “finding value on the margins” under former general manager Matt Klentak, the Phillies really haven’t done that. Nor have they developed a consistent pipeline of young talent through their minor league system.

And so, the Phillies find themselves in a position where if they re-sign Realmuto, it will be an upset if they win a National League East title before he’s past his peak. Given all the other holes on the roster, who knows if they’d even win a Wild Card spot during however many years Realmuto has left at the height of his powers. But if Realmuto isn’t re-signed, fans will have justifiable anger, and the Phillies may very well finish in last place in the National League East in 2021, going down looking as another year of Harper, Nola and Wheeler is wasted.

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The Philadelphia Phillies could use a guy like Blake Treinen.
Catching up on some MLB Network Friday morning, the channel’s group of panelists did a bit on which current free agent reliever is the most deserving of a two-year contract. They were picking between Blake Treinen, Shane Greene, Archie Bradley, and Anthony Bass. The player that they universally decided on? Reigning World Series champion Treinen, a player that the Philadelphia Phillies were heavily linked to during last year’s offseason.

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A seven-year veteran, Treinen has had a very productive career as a major league reliever. He has 72 saves across 372 appearances, and boasts a career ERA of 3.02. His best season came in 2018 with the Oakland Athletics, where he recorded a 0.81 ERA across 80.1 innings, earning his first All-Star game nod.

The LA Dodgers scooped up the veteran right-hander on a one-year deal last winter in hopes that he would solidly their bullpen for a potential World Series run – and he did just that. Treinen finished the year with a 3.86 ERA, and didn’t allow a run during his NLWC and NLDS appearances.

Phillies Connor Brogdon Jersey

Reliever Connor Brogdon made his Phillies’ debut on Aug. 13 with the Phils trailing 6-2 in the top of the eighth inning during that dreaded three-game series vs. Baltimore. And in typical Phillies 2020 bullpen fashion, he almost immediately gave up a three-run homerun. Despite this, Joe Girardi elected to leave the rookie in for the ninth, which, of course, promptly backfired when Brogdon surrendered a two-run homerun, extending the Orioles’ lead to 11-4.

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My heart broke for the rookie. Due to the unfortunate circumstances he was put in, and it being his debut, I decided to not lump Brogdon in with the rest of the bullpen. I felt he still had potential, and that the Phillies’ bullpen curse didn’t completely overtake him just yet.

Following his debut, Brogdon was then optioned and recalled to and from Lehigh Valley countless times. When the righty, sporting a 16.88 ERA, finally returned to action on Sept. 13 vs. Miami, (you know, that fateful seven-game series) I was pleasantly surprised when he miraculously got out of a bases-loaded, one-out jam. From this moment forward, Brogdon was lights out. In six September appearances, Brogdon only allowed one hit, two walks, and struck out 14. His opponent’s BA was just .037, and his ERA never climbed above zero.

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Brogdon relied most heavily on his four-seam fastball, peaking at around 97 mph, which often generated fly balls and had well-above-average velocity. His change-up, peaking at 84 mph, and cutter, peaking at 89 mph, both elicited a high number of swings and misses.

The 25-year-old was probably the Phillies’ most reliable bullpen arm during the month of September. In his final two appearances of the 2020 season vs. the eventual American League champion Tampa Bay Rays, Brogdon struck out the side in two relief appearances on Sept. 25 and 26. I just think that’s neat!

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And something I still find myself lying awake at night thinking about is if Girardi decided to use Brogdon instead of Brandon Workman on Sept. 22 vs. the Nationals, the Phillies most likely would have made the postseason. Workman entered the game and instantly surrendered a walk-off two-run homerun (typical) to rookie Yadiel Hernández, the first and only homerun of his career so far (you can’t make this stuff up.) All I’m saying is that if Girardi went with Brogdon instead, whose numbers had been trending well and had been shut down in relief, the Phils might have held onto their lead, won the game, and maybe even made the postseason.

But I digress. Everything happens for a reason, I suppose.

The bad:

August 13th, 19th, and 20th. I’ve already mentioned what happened on Aug. 13, but the 19th and 20th were just as bad for Brogdon. In 1.1 IP, he allowed one hit, two ER, two walks, one homerun, and posted a 13.50 ERA. He fit right in with the Phillies bullpen in August!

The future:

There are still a lot of questions to be answered about Connor Brogdon in 2021. Will he be the reliable, shutdown reliever we saw in September? Or the unpredictable, shaky one we saw during his first three games in August? It’s hard to say over a sample size of only nine games.

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I truly believe Brogdon could be a solid arm in the bullpen in 2021, similar to how Jojo Romero could be. Both Brogdon and Romero struggled at some point during 2020, but it was their rookie seasons and they were thrown into an absolute mess of a bullpen, so I would not write them off just yet. And honestly, their struggles weren’t too bad compared to some of the other guys we saw out of the Phillies’ bullpen (*shudders in Heath Hembree*)

But I believe the Phillies’ youthful arms will not be able to meet their full potential until proven, veteran arms are brought in. The organization is doing its rookie relievers a disservice by not surrounding them with experienced and effective pitchers in the bullpen. Luckily, the hiring of Caleb Cotham as pitching coach will definitely help in this respect, but the team must build around their young relievers if they want to be successful.

Overall, 2021 will certainly be a year for Brogdon to prove himself and what he brings to the Phils’ bullpen. I am interested to see how he fares in a non-shortened season. There’s no doubt about it, the dude’s got stuff, which we saw during September, but will the late-season success he had in 2020 sustain itself in 2021?

When it comes to the Philadelphia Phillies pretty much anyone would be an upgrade to their league-worst bullpen, however, Treinen in particular looks like a guy who could stabilize things for Philly. Not only is he a proven player coming off a successful World Series win, but he also fits the bill in terms of what Joe Girardi tends to prioritize out of his high-leverage arms.

In 2020, Girardi made a point of leaning on “veteran experience” when it came to late-inning outings. He repeatedly tried to make Brandon Workman work (no pun intended) out as the team’s closer, and guys like David Phelps and Heath Hembree routinely saw important innings as well.

Fans got frustrated with this philosophy, calling for the likes of JoJo Romero and Connor Brogdon instead. While clearly Workman wasn’t the answer at closer, there was some legitimacy to Girardi not wanting to turn the reigns over to the young guns. Romero increasingly got worse and worse as the regular season progressed, really highlighting the need for a legit, veteran bullpen arm.

Outside of Treinen just being a solid relief arm, his past experience as an effective closer would allow Girardi to move Hector Neris out of the closer position entirely. The recently re-signed right-hander has long been a controversial figure amongst Philadelphia Phillies fans, with the general consensus being that he’s better fitted for a 7th/8th inning role. His analytic numbers always look decent, but his inability to keep his composure in save situations is borderline impossible to ignore.

By signing Treinen, Neris could slide into the team’s set-up role. A likely better fit for the 31 year old reliever.

NEXT: Philadelphia Phillies: This is the perfect lineup for the 2021 season
Treinen turns 33 in June, so there’s reason to pause when it comes to handing over a massive two-year deal. However, the Phillies can’t get too picky here. They need bullpen help, and they need it now. Inking Treinen to a two-year deal, with the second year being a club-option, seems like it would be a win-win scenario for both sides.

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In some ways, anything like this is folly when a team has already hired Dave Dombrowski as President of Baseball. The Phillies clearly aren’t going to wait around for Theo Epstein to finish his year with a Eurorail pass as he takes up poetry or dyes his hair purple or whatever means of self-discovery he has planned for his year off. The Phillies likely won’t embark on some multi-year reshaping either, based on Dombrowski’s history. Maybe Dombrowski wants to try something new, but considering what the Phillies have already invested and their lack of prospects, they’re not itching to take any steps backward either.

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And nor should they. While spending three straight years in the absolute pit of the middle suggests an incurable inertia, you could also make the argument that it means they’re also not that far away. The more you go all out and still end up as far from the horizon as you were, the more it feels intractable. But the Phillies aren’t there yet.

So what faces Dombrowski and the Fightin’s? There are a couple of obvious problems. The glaring one, with the gas leak and flames shooting out of the doorway, is the bullpen. This pretty much tells you everything you need to know about 2020:

Phillies Victor Arano Jersey

Over a full baseball season, that would be 37 losses. That’s NC-17. The pen wasn’t healthy, but even if it had been, it was filled with far too many relievers over 30 who, when they got really volatile, walked way too many hitters. Most of that unit has been culled, but at the moment this is who’s listed as the Philly pen on RosterResource from FanGraphs:

From these minor leaguers, the higher-ups expected one mid-rotation piece and –if lucky– a five-slot hurler or setup man. Zach Eflin and Vince Velasquez turned out to be those two. With progress, Eflin could even be a two-slot arm, and Velasquez is a candidate for a “seventh or eighth inning” role.

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Many locals bemoan the trade of Sixto Sanchez for Realmuto because they consider the flamethrower to be an ace. Realistically, Sanchez may not make the Miami Marlins roster in spring training. Translation: He only baffles clubs in his first start against them.

Sanchez, 22:

First starts: 6 Gms., 37 Inn., 12 R, 12 ER, 3-1, a 2.92 ERA with 35 SO and 7 BB.
Other starts: 3 Gms., 10 Inn., 13 R, 13 ER, 0-2, an 11.70 ERA with 6 SO and 9 BB.
The Fightins hoped Jorge Alfaro, Nick Williams, and two starters from their restructuring deals would pan out. Then, the farm system and free agency would plug the holes in the offense and overall pitching.

Womens Victor Arano Jersey

For ‘20, the New York Yankees spent $324 million for Gerrit Cole as the final piece for a World Series victory, then they would take a one-year hit with the Luxury Tax penalty before sliding under the CBT for ‘21. Well, it worked on paper after 103 triumphs in ‘19, didn’t it?

In 2018, the Phillies were a surprising 80-82 after a 66-win 2017. But 2019’s relief corps had eight injured relievers, and only Hector Neris and Jose Alvarez were healthy. And why was 2020’s pen without Robertson, Seranthony Dominguez, Ranger Suarez and Victor Arano? Surgery or the coronavirus!

Cheap Victor Arano Jersey

Hector Neris, Connor Brogdon, Ranger Suarez, David Hale, Victor Arano, Ian Hamilton, Johan Quezada, and Cole Irvin. That’s a whole lot of not much.

The Dombrowski method says throw $10-12 million a year at Liam Hendriks and call it a day. And the Phillies very well might, and should, do that. Yes, Hendriks is over 30 as well, and his past two years of dominance are largely based on a jump in velocity that won’t hold forever. Still, a three-year deal probably gets you at least two years of massive improvement at the sharp end of the pen.

That doesn’t mean the Phillies should stop there. They should have a ton of cash to spend, but might be pulling the same bullshit act that you see other big market teams not named the Dodgers are pulling after one season of losses. While they’ve denied that Zack Wheeler is on the block after that rumor spilled out of the generally waste-filled “Buster Olney Container,” the fact that it appeared at all is worrying for Phillies fans. Still, even with estimated arbitration costs, they’re on the hook for about $140 million. For this team, even facing the prospect of part or all of another season without fans, that should be manageable. Now’s a good time to remind everyone of the Phillies’ TV contract.

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So buying another reliever off the market, especially a devalued one, shouldn’t be beyond them and Dombrowski. Brad Hand passed through waivers owed only $10 million, which isn’t a ton for a reliever that has had an ERA over 3.00 once in the past five seasons (and the FIP to match). With every team passing on him through waivers, they must feel that they can get him for just one or two years for less as a free agent. $7 million? Less? The addition of Hendriks and Hand for less than $20 million solves a lot of problems in 2021.

But teams that pour a lot of resources into the pen tend to get burned. It’s a bullpen, it’s unpredictable, and previously dominant relievers end up sitting on the mound, staring at the ground and sucking their thumb in July for no discernable reason. So let’s get a little creative.