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We have two spots left and they will surely go to infielders. We are predicting they’ll go to free agents, as their 40-man roster options right now are slim. Gosselin had a great 2020 and is a familiar name to the Phillies. He’s also cheap. Cabrera is a well-traveled infielder who can play everywhere on the field and is a career .268 hitter. At age 35, he’ll be eager to sign a reasonable prove it deal.

Starting rotation: Aaron Nola, Zack Wheeler, Zach Eflin, Spencer Howard, Matt Moore
The top trio are locks, with Nola and Wheeler Cy Young candidates from day one. Moore, acquired after spending a year pitching overseas, is a much-needed left-handed option for the rotation. His $3 million contract number implies the team intends to give him every opportunity to make the MLB club. Some may expect it to come at the expense of top prospect Spencer Howard, but that’s not the prediction here.

With the fate of the minor leagues still in doubt, the Phillies need to give Howard a chance to pitch every fifth day. He’s got the potential to be that good and no team is in more desperate need of homegrown contributors than Philadelphia is. They also badly need depth in their rotation, which is why Velasquez should be their long man in the ‘pen and sixth starter.

Bullpen: Archie Bradley, Hector Neris, David Hale, JoJo Romero, Jose Alvarado, Connor Brogden, Vince Velasquez
Bradley was the prized bullpen upgrade this offseason, with a mix of veterans (Neris, Hale, Alvarado) and youth (Romero, Brogden) making up our initial projected bullpen. Spring training will see a lot of competition for the roles and spots in the pen and there should be considerable change in this section as April 1 approaches.

Don’t be surprised, additionally, to see the front office bring in some more veterans to pitch in camp and provide more depth.

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